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Tea time – a most elegant and transforming event. This is a story of a beautiful blending of my philosophy on the reality of life, the importance of opportunities and a cup of tea. Here is my spin on tea and me.  It wasn’t until my early thirties when I experienced tea time. At the last minute, I was invited as a fill-in to a Holiday tea. The menu selection of tea was overwhelming. Never had I imagined there were so many types of tea.

Who knew there were so many different blends and flavors? My experience of tea time had only just begun.  The greatness of the time spent at a tea house made me feel special. A sip of tea of exquisite blends and you close your eyes and are transported. I am determined to introduce as many people as possible to tea time. Tea time may not be your “cup of tea”. For me, however, enjoying tea time is a moment to set aside time for yourself. It is a time to truly relax and reconnect to your inner being.


Begin making time for yourself. You are worth it! You are here for a short while. Live!

Chance or fate, we experience moments that change our lives forever. Little did I know that a last minute invite would turn into a business of my own that I love.

From my first tea experience, a vision was created. My reward is providing happiness to people in the form of tea. There is much sadness in the world but I focus on viewing situations and circumstances in a positive way. Dark pessimism can be transformed into bright optimism. We cannot control certain events in our lives but we can take a moment to make our part of the world a little bit better.


I may not be a Tea Sommelier and may not know all there is to know about tea, but I found a purpose. I believe happiness and peace are inside everyone. You have the ability to control your destiny. No one can tell you your purpose in life, only you can discover it. What I can do is make it a little easier for you to understand your significance and share my philosophy on life through this tea time story. 


Find some time. Find some tea time and I hope to Tea You There.

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